banner approach A F.R.I.E.N.D.L.Y Approach


Just like how every skyscraper requires a solid foundation, in order to maximise a student’s potential, laying down the groundwork by initially focusing on the basics of Mathematics is crucial because new knowledge and skills are built upon it. Given the heavy workload, some students may find it difficult to cope. At Awe Academy, we have prepared and designed a series of Intensive Foundation Programmes that cater to the needs of these students in a concise and efficient manner. Some of these topics include algebra, trigonometry, and differentiation. Once a strong foundation is established, students will have greater confidence in themselves which allows them to excel in the subject.

of Knowledge

One of the main problems students face in school is that teachers often rush through the syllabus and there is insufficient time for students to process what they have learnt. At Awe Academy, we focus on reinforcing students’ mathematical concepts so that they can improve and apply these skills in different contexts. Our programmes are designed in a way that it splits the school syllabus into smaller and more manageable parts which makes it easier for students to improve on their weaknesses and build on their strengths. This ensures that their time spent revising is both effective and efficient.


We want to create a space that nurtures students and allows them to have control over their own learning. Students will receive a customised study plan curated specifically for each individual which helps them track their own learning on a weekly and termly basis. Critical thinking is encouraged through effective questioning. Students are encouraged to clarify their doubts after class hours or during consultation sessions.


At Awe Academy, we utilize Edvocado for E-Learning. Edvocado is an online learning platform with an auto-marking system where students are able to gain access to an extensive pool of questions curated by us. These questions are trending examination questions which are categorised into different levels of difficulties specific to each student.

Students can also reach out to us through WhatsApp /*-to clear their doubts. Detailed explanation and solutions will be provided.

Customised Notes & Worksheets

Specially designed by us, our notes and worksheets are concise and comprehensive and gives students a detailed overview of the concepts required for exams.

Determined and Passionate

In Awe Academy, our Head Tutor is determined and do their best to ensure that each and every one of our students can live up to their full potential.

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