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A-Math Tuition in Singapore

Are you looking for reliable A-math tuition in Singapore? There is no need for you to stress yourself further. With a team of experts, we are ready to help your child achieve the best possible grades in mathematics with our Sec 3 A math and Sec 4 A math tuition that provides them with the best learning experiences.

At AWE Academy, our lessons are specially planned and structured, keeping the individual needs of each student in mind. Our strategy focuses on building a strong foundation and understanding of important concepts, followed by a proper guidance of applying them to solve different exam problems and highlighting commonly made mistakes and common pitfalls.

What is the Difference between E Maths and A Maths?

E-Math is an abbreviation for Elementary Mathematics, while A-Math is an abbreviation for Additional Mathematics. Simply by looking at the names, you can deduce that E-Math will teach you the fundamentals of Math, whereas A Maths will expose you to more advanced and difficult Maths concepts. The level of complexity is what distinguishes E Maths from A Maths.

To summarise, in the O and N level syllabuses, the goal of E maths is to provide the fundamental mathematical knowledge and skills while developing your ability to reason and form connections. A Maths, on the other hand, prepares students for A Level H2 Mathematics as well as tertiary courses where it aims to build a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation and mathematical reasoning skills. Students learn to analyse and apply deeper maths concepts in topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus in A Maths.

Time to Sharpen your Problem-Solving Ability

The pace of secondary school mathematics is hard to keep up with. With the changing curriculum, and the addition of new topics every year, it becomes challenging for students to keep up with everything. The addition of A Maths in Sec 3 and 4 introduces higher levels of complexities, making it challenging for those who have weaker E Math foundation to keep up with the pace and juggle with both A maths and E maths at the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to engage a good tuition centre for sec 4 math tuition or sec 3 math tuition to help students to reinforce concepts and guide them to develop critical thinking to tackle higher order thinking problems.

At AWE Academy, our weekly A Maths classes are taught by our dedicated and committed Head Tutor who is always readily available to answer any doubts that the students have during and after class. Our lessons are structured in a way that allows students to improve their learning curve to gain confidence in mathematics within a short period of time to reach their academic goals.

Class Discussions

In class discussions, our teachers give students a brief insight into topics taught. It serves as an introduction to the topic, in order to better engage the students. Common pitfalls are also highlighted when our teachers guide our students step by step through the work examples.

We believe that discussions in classroom settings should be a two-way interaction between the teacher and student to enhance the student’s learning experience. We want to create a student-centred classroom where everyone has a chance to contribute their ideas and to be heard and valued in the classroom.

Repeated Revision Sessions

In topical revision drills, students are provided with different assessments and quizzes covering various topics with different difficulty levels. This helps us to monitor their progress and would be a good opportunity for students to be aware of areas that require improvement and learn from the mistakes they make and clear their confusion so as to understand the topic better.

Classroom Activities

In order to give our students an opportunity to explore important concepts, we focus on planning in-class activities differently. These activities help us to reinforce the concepts in a better way for our students and to promote a deeper understanding of important questions.

Timed Practice Sessions

Next on the list are our specially designed timed practice sessions that are implemented keeping the exam setting in mind.

Before any major examination, we will put the students through various mock exams. This allows them to have a feel of the pressure in actual exams, familiarise with the type and style of questions and to evaluate their level of preparation.

After the mock test, the papers would be graded and returned to the students with a detailed feedback report that helps them to eliminate misconceptions and point out areas of improvements.

In addition, we teach students important time management and paper-attempting techniques that set them apart from others.

Detailed Notes

Detailed yet concise notes are crucial in helping students summarise and reorganise the concepts in their mind during revision. We provide our students with notes structured creatively that includes all the concepts and formulas taught.